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Financial Planning 101:
Invest Early To Invest Wisely

We help you build a secure financial future with expert financial planning and guidance

Stop Saving:
And Start Investing

Why just rely on savings accounts and their meagre interest rates?

Prepare yourself for expenses down the line. 

  • Further education for yourself or your children
  • Relocating to a better house as your family grows
  • Going on that dream holiday abroad
  • Buying a property before retirement
  • Serious Illness in the future

Your bank account savings alone may not enable you financially in such situations.

This is where a dedicated financial planning consultant like ourselves comes in. We help you choose savings and investment schemes based on your needs and help turn your dreams into reality.

Increase Your Wealth With Financial Planning

With a dedicated financial planner, you will be able to control your income flow and increase your earnings from savings. With Financial planning, you will have:

  • Complete awareness of your assets and earnings through routine reviews
  • Full control and knowledge of how your money is used
  • Expert advice on investment and savings
  • Long term investment plans and more control over your future

We Can Help Improve Your Lifestyle

Our commitment towards assessing the needs and situations of our clients and giving tailored recommendations sets us apart from traditional investment planners. 


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Investment Options

Your bank account is always your trusted savings policy. For immediate funds and emergencies, you can always depend on it. But savings alone might not be enough to help you improve your life.

Investments are the best method to gain steady monetary returns. But investments can seem risky and puzzling at first glance. A trusted Investment consultant like New Alliance is the bridge that connects you to the world of investment returns. We assess the client’s demands and conditions and choose the best investment schemes. Before suggesting investment plans we review things like:

  • The amount you can invest whether it is a lump sum investment or other types.
  • The time period you can invest, depending on how soon you want the money and how long can you keep it on the market.
  • Risk and capital guarantee.
  • Ethical conditions like disinterest to invest in certain types of industries

Savings and Deposit

Not everybody is willing to take investment risks. If you’re just looking to save your hard-earned money safely and don’t know where to save it for now, we will assist you in finding the best savings schemes that suit your income and expectations.