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Inheritance Planning Can Be Complicated

Varied situations can cause inheritance planning to be a very complex affair. 

  • Without proper planning and expertise, your assets may not go where you want them to
  • You could be paying more taxes than you need to
  • You could cause a large amount of work to those handling your estate
  • Cause personal conflict between your loved ones, where there’s ambiguity

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We Help You Transfer Your Assets Tax-Efficiently

It’s often believed that inheritance tax is a rich person’s headache. However, rising property prices have pushed many of our estates into the inheritance tax brackets. It’s worthwhile having a conversation about your specific situation. The primary tool for planning is the construction of a Will. A discussion around it with an advisor will help to identify potential issues like tax or conflicts of interest. And to help mitigate those issues.

We at New Alliance will evaluate your situation and advise you on the most effective approach to proceed with this process.

Guidance On Gifting Assets And Wealth

Gifting your wealth while you’re alive also comes with taxation. Further, if the benefactor dies within two years after making the gift, the gift becomes an inheritance. Proper appraisal and future planning are required if you intend to pass your money to beneficiaries with reduced taxation. 

Philanthropic Planning For Charity And Building Trusts

You might want to donate your assets to charity or build a trust fund. We can help you formulate a foolproof plan and ensure that your assets are being used as you wished. 

Planning The Succession Of Family Businesses And Estates

The succession of family businesses is extremely critical for the smooth running of it in the future. Each business is unique and requires a specialised succession strategy. Before making decisions, there is a lot of planning and processing to do. We assist you in determining how to pass on family businesses and estates without affecting business continuity. 

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Transferring your assets need not be a very tedious process. Our many years of expertise can make the whole process very easy. Your decisions carry weight to your inheritors, and stress would be the last thing you want in this situation.


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Creating A Map For The Future With Well Thought Out Inheritance Planning

The future is unpredictable but you can always plan. Prepare a well-thought inheritance plan and ensure that you reduce the taxes on inheritance significantly. Inheritance can be a difficult topic to think about.

With a little planning, your wealth and assets can be preserved for the next generation. We are here to assist families in understanding the inheritance process, defining the most essential goals for your family, and developing tax-efficient strategies to fulfil those goals.